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What is Overseas Fulfilment / Warehouse?

SF provides mature overseas logistics resources for cargos shipped from the Mainland China to overseas warehouses. Overseas Fulfilment/Warehouses is a customized warehousing service for sellers, integrated with sourcing, inventory, order and logistics management functions. SF has three overseas e-commerce logistics warehouse centers, located in Central Europe, Eastern Europe.

What is the service coverage for the Overseas Warehouse?
  1. Coverage for orders from Central Europe: 28 EU countries.
  2. Coverage for orders from Eastern Europe: 32 countries include 28 EU countries and Russia, Norway, Belarus and Ukraine.
What is the composition of expenses for Overseas Fulfilment / Warehouse?
Basically, charges of the Overseas Warehouseing service consists with,
Part 1: Shipping expenses from the seller's warehouse to SF's Shenzhen Fulfilment/Warehouse.
Part 2: Shipping expenses from SF Shenzhen Warehouse to the overseas warehouse
Part 3: Local delivery expenses for delivering shipments from the overseas warehouse to the customer.
Part 4: Storage expenses and in/out of warehouse expenses in the overseas warehouse
What is the delivery option in the second delivery from overseas warehouse? What is the transit time?

1.      Eastern Europe warehouse:

Economic channels: Northern & Eastern European: 2-5 working days; Russia & Belarus: 5-10 working days;
Standard courier channels: 3-5 working days

2.      Central Europe warehouse: 

a)      By postal service: Local delivery in Germany: 1 - 2 working days; EU post: 2 - 4 working days.

b)      By DHL channel: Local delivery in Germany: 24 hours; EU post:  2 - 4 working days.

c)      By DHL pallet channel: 2 - 5 working days.

How can I track the route information?
  1. For general cargos shipped from the customer's warehouse to SF's domestic warehouse, the customer can track the route information on SF’s office website (www.sf-express.com). If a third-party express is used, the customer needs to check the route information on the third-party express's official website.
  2. The overseas warehousing teams will track the route information for the international transportation offline. 
  3. For local delivery, the customer can track the route information from the selected logistics agent for the final delivery.
When can I track the route information after the shipments are checked-out from the overseas warehouse?

If an order is placed before the cut-off time, the customer can track the route information at the day of shipping. If the order is placed after the cutoff time, the customer can track the route information on the next working day.

How many pickup options are available for Overseas Fulfilment / Warehouses?

Customers could choose from transportation options include customer drop-off, SF logistic service, and third-party logistics services. If the cargo weight is heavier or equal to 100kg, there is a pickup service by car for Shenzhen District. Customers in other districts can use SF Logistics service to ship to Shenzhen warehouse with no surcharges. If the cargo weight is less than 100kg, customers would have to pay for the freight, and SF would not provide the door-to-door pickup service.

What is the transit time for the international shipment and local delivery for overseas warehousing services?

1.      Eastern Europe Warehouse: Internationals by air about 5 - 7 calendar days. By ship: 42 - 45 calendar days (from the cutoff time to the arrival time to the Eastern Warehouse). 

Local delivery: Russia (7 - 10 calendar days), Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, and Ukraine (2 -5 calendar days). Finland, Sweden, Norway, Belarus, and Poland (5 - 7 calendar days).

2.      Central Europe Warehouse: Internationals by air about 5–7 calendar days. By ship: 35 calendar days (from the closing time to the time of arriving at the Central Europe Warehouse).

Standard transit time of local delivery:

a)      By Postal service channel: Germany: 1- 2 working days; EU countries: 2 - 4 working days.

b)      By DHL channel: Germany: 24 hours; EU countries: 2 - 4 working days.

c)      By DHL Pallet channel: 2–5 working days.

How can I claim for settlement of shipments using the Overseas Fulfilment / Warehouse?

Different transportation sections have different compensation standards based on different scenarios. SF will assist you in the settlement based on actual situations.

Does the Overseas Fulfilment/Warehouse generate customs duties? How to calculate customs duties? What are the payment methods?

 1.Eastern Europe Warehouse does not generate customs duties. The taxes generated for local delivery are calculated based on the taxation standard of local customs. The custom duties shall be paid by receivers.

2.For Middle Europe Warehouse, taxes are needed to be paid before delivery into warehouse. There are not Customs Clareance and taxes during last mile delivery in 28 EU countries.

Does the Overseas Fulfilment / Warehouse support shipment return?

SF supports the shipments return to the overseas or Chinese warehouses.  If the shipments delivered by the postal service fail to be signed, the shipments can be returned to the overseas warehouses for free. Signed- off shipment could be returned to overseas warehouse, but the freight charge has to be paid by shippers. If the shipments delivered by UPS/DHL fail to be signed off, the shipments can be returned to the overseas warehouses but freight charges may occur. Temporarily, the freight charge for returning items cannot be paid by receivers. Cargos can be returned from overseas warehouses to Mainland China or Hong Kong. For cargos returning to Hong Kong, there wouldn’t be customs duties to declare; but may occur if the cargo is returning to Mainland China, the import customs duties shall be paid and are subject to the specific circumstances.

How can I track the shipment inventory at Overseas Fulfilment / Warehouse?

Customers can log into the OMS system and check the inventory in the Inventory Management module. For any questions, please contact our CSRs to check your inventory.

How can I pay for Overseas Fulfilment / Warehouse?

The freight charge for international shipment would be recorded in customer’s bill like inventory. Whereas warehouse rents, operation fees, and local delivery fees will be billed to customers every month. After confirming the bills, customers can pay the expenses to SF based on the payment period specified in contracts.

Can SF provide the local delivery reference for Overseas Fulfilment / Warehouse?

SF can provide shipping reference for shipments over standard courier channel and post registered channel.

Can SF support 3rd party FBA?

Unfortunately, it is not supported now. For any special cases, please contact the CSRs.

Does the Overseas Fulfilment / Warehouse support the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).
Yes. For Middle Europe Warehouse cargos, after they are checked-in SF warehouse, SF can transfer the cargos to the FBA warehouse over DHL/DPD/the pallet channel.