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What items are categorized as personal items?

Personal items shall be items for personal use only, other than for industrial production, or samples for trade and items such as clothing accessories and electronic parts.

Could SF provide the tax bills for shipments that require formal customs declaration?

The customs is no longer giving out paper tax bills, and instead would uniformly issue a document number to SF, and SF will forward the number to customers, so the customers could use this number for refunding tax at local customs department. 

Who shall pay for the customs duties?

In principle, customs duties are normally paid by the receiver. SF could provide DDP service, when the shipper agrees to pay. Please note that this service is applicable only for SF credit account customers.

For Standard Express (China Import), could the receiver pay for the freight charges?

Freight charges could be paid by receivers in most of  Standard Express (China Import) network, except shipments from the United States and Russia to China.

Why the freight charge for importing shipment is much higher than the freight charge for exporting?

Since the operation for importing shipments is more difficult than exporting, it requires more resources and so the costs would be higher. Thank you for your understanding and support.

For international shipments to China, any surcharges for fuel and remote location deliveries?

SF does not require extra charge for fuel and remote location deliveries for now. Please note that SF reserves the right to change the surcharge index, and notice will be sent for any changes.

What is the transit time of Standard Express (China Import)?

You could check it out on “Quick Access” on SF official website. The listed transit time is estimated under normal circumstances with on time flight and no customs clearance. Please expect 1 or 2 extra working days, if formal customs declaration is required. For shipments with personal items exported from other countries to China, please note 3 or 5 extra working days are required.

How many countries could ship to Mainland China by Standard Express(China Import)

Currently, SF supports shipping services from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Russia and Mongolia to Mainland China. Shipments from Thailand and Vietnam could be handled by our local agents, however this service is only available for credit account customers. 

After providing the custom declaration documents, how long would it take to complete the import clearance?

Normally, it takes 1 working day to finish declaration and inform our customers to pay for the import duties. For importing Type D goods, customs would release the shipment after all duties have been paid, therefore it would depend on when the customers finish all the payments.