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How many countries dose Economy Express (China Export) cover?

Economy Express (China Export)  is available for shipments from Mainland China to Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Russia, Brazil and 28  European countries.

What are the differences between Economy Express (China Export) and Standard Express (China Export)?

 Economy Express (China Export) is an economical express product, applicable to customers with non-urgent shipments. Economy Express (China Export) offers a competitive rate in contrast to Standard Express (China Export).

Is Economy Express (China Export) applicable to all customers at Mainland China?

It is applicable for credit account and cash customers in Mainland China. 

Does SF offer pickup service for Economy Express (China Export) too?

SF offers pickup and delivery services as long as the address is covered in our service coverage. 

Could a third party pay for my Economy Express (China Export) bill?

Payment options of Economy Express (China Export)  include paid-by-shipper, paid-by-receiver, and transferred by third party (exclude cross-border third parties). Please note for the United States, freight charges could be paid-by-shipper only.

Could I use another language to fill in the waybill for Economy Express (China Export) shipments?

Please note that all waybills should be filled in in English. 

What's Economy Express (China Export)?

S.F. Economy Express (China Export) is an economical express service tailored for customers' non-urgent international shipments with more favorable price.