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What is Standard Express (China Export)?

Standard Express (China Export) service is designed to meet the needs of customers in China who send shipments internationally. It provides fast formal custom declaration services with reasonable rates. 

How many countries does Standard Express (China Export) service network cover?

The service network of Standard Express (China Export) covers shipments from Mainland China to Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, India, Indonesia, Australia, Russia,   Cambodia, Canada and Mexico.

Is there any service charge for formal customs declaration of shipments shipped using Standard Express (China Export)?

No service charge for normal customs declaration.

SF's commitment pickup service within an hour, is it applicable to the international shipments as well?

For Standard Express (China Export) from China, SF guarantees pickup service within an hour anytime.

Can I change the party to pay the freight charge?

No, payment party cannot be changed.

In the United States, will your courier just leave the shipments at the door without contacting me?

The operation rules at overseas express industry are different from those in China. Generally, shipments are delivered to addresses on waybills, but due to laws of the United States, BAs are not allowed to carry mobile phones during the delivery. Therefore, BAs cannot contact customers directly, and privacy is very important in the United States, entrance is already considered as a private area, so the shipments could only be delivered at the doorways.

Is there any discount for Standard Express (China Export)?

Standard Express (China Export) is free of service charge for domestic customs declaration for category-D goods.

Why can't I ship goods like milk powder or cosmetics from China to other countries?

Different countries have different import and export rules and regulations. Even in the same country, standards of import, export and air shipment could be different. Items that are prohibited by air delivery would be prohibited to be shipped.