How to use E-Parcel+ (for EU & UK,& US&AU Lanes)

How to get the rates?

You can visit SF International Official Website to get the rates by entering origin, destination, and shipment weight & dimensions to get the rates.

How to prepare shipments?

Customers can prepare shipments based on the order information or order form.

Customers shall fill in the shipment preparation column in order management when making a pre-declaration, and select the option of printing the shipment preparation information to print labels.

* Customer Operation Standard on Battery Contained Shipments of Mainland China to US

1. Separate the battery contained shipments from the non-battery contained shipments and packaged in the bag with red tape and A Tag.

2. Battery contained shipments will be inspected, and if there are mixed shipments, the transit time of the mixed shipments will be affected, and SF reserve the right of adding extra handling fee and adjusting the discount.

3. Please see Customer Operation Standard on Battery Contained Shipments for more information.

How to make a pre-declaration?

1.    Customers can place orders in their own systems that are integrated with SF system through API to complete the data pre-declaration, and print waybills (labels) based on the requirements.

2.    Customers can log in official website of SF International, place orders, make pre-declaration, and print waybills (labels) based on the requirements.

3.    Customers can to place orders and print waybills (labels) based on the requirements through third-party shipping systems (Shop Elf, Mabang ERP, Global Transaction Assistant, and SellerTool).

How to place an order or hand over shipments?

1.    Call SF service hotline (9533883-2) or online( QQ:80013683) to request a pickup service.


2.    Pickup by Car: Make a pickup request with your service representative (sales or BAs). (For pickup service by car, customers shall inform and confirm by their responsible sales in advance, then SF will arrange drivers to pick up shipments)

How to track and trace?

Customers can track shipments by visiting SF International Official Website.

How to return a shipment?

Shipment returning in Chinese Mainland
For domestic shipments, The shipment is returned to the customer under a new waybill. The freight charge will be paid by receiver.
Remarks: The transit time for shipment return is not guaranteed.


Shipments returning from overseas countries is not available (for all lanes of E-commerce Express - standard)
How to claim for compensation?

Process of Claim for Compensation

Time Limitation of Claim

23 European countries、United States、Australia、United Kingdom、French、Spain
Customers can track shipments after sent out. After 50 days upon shipping, tracking is not accepted.

Claim criteria

Customers shall follow the principle of "Track before claim" and will be compensated based on below standards upon the claim request confirmed and accepted by SF. Delays or damages caused by force majeure factors such as wars, disasters, and strikes are beyond the scope of compensation

Shipment loss during domestic transshipping: Since the date SF official website displays "SF Express collected shipments", the route information is not updated for more than 10 days. After SF confirms that the shipment is lost during domestic transshipping, the freight charges would be refunded. Compensation is based on declared value.
Suspected loss(Customs clearance and transit):If shipment has no checkpoint update owing to SF reasons, and operation fails to verify shipment location after 10 working days’ searching, then the shipment can be determined as lost.
Shipment loss during overseas transshipping: After SF confirms that the shipment is lost during overseas transshipping; the freight charges would be refunded. Compensation is based on declared value.
European 23countries & Australia: The maximum compensation does not exceed USD100 /shipment(shipping cost and other fee will not be returned)
Other countries:The maximum compensation does not exceed RMB100 /shipment(shipping cost and other fee will not be returned)

Materials required for claims

Customers shall submit the following files for any claims:
A. Online transaction screenshots + refund screenshots;
B. In case that the customers send another shipment as replacement with no refund, online transaction screenshots, dispute details and replacement shipment waybill number are required.

Compensation time limit

After SF confirms acceptance of the claims, the compensation will be paid within 8 working days.


How to become a credit account customer?

Credit account customers enjoy better and high-quality exclusive services. SF has certain standard requirements listed below for credit account customers. If you intend to become weekly settlement customers, you can call SF service hotline (9533883-2)( QQ: 800013683) or contact our BAs. If you are qualified, SF will arrange sales personnel to sign agreements with you.

1.    Limited liability company

2.    The average daily shipments volume of S.F. E-Parcel and S.F. E-Parcel+ is above 200.

3.    The credit assessment result released by the District Finance Department is good.

4.    If a customer fails to meet the shipments volume requirements for three consecutive months or have severe delay of payment, the payment mode will be adjusted to prepaid settlement mode after three months.

How do I pay the taxes?

EU&UK: the declared value is greater than 15 pounds will produce relevant taxes.
AU: declare worth more than $1000 will produce relevant taxes, etc.
US: the declared value is greater than $800 will produce relevant taxes, etc.

Import of the goods parts related taxes and fees in destination countries relevant provisions of the tax law shall prevail
Tax payment: tax payment default to DDP (customer need to agree with DDP tax agreement can deliver shippment), the relevant taxes paid by the sender.