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What is E-Parcel?

E-Parcel is an express delivery service with competitive rates and relatively low transit time. it is desgined for cross-border e-commerce platforms and merchants to send their shipments from China to the world. With our wide-range and excellent service network, formal customs declaration system, E-Parcel will provide you high-quality regional E-Parcel service with stable customs clearance, fast delivery, and best service. 

What is the service network coverage for E-Parcel?

E-Parcel is available to more than 200 countries all over the world, includes EU (26 countries), Russia, United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil and Argentina.

How could I place an E-Parcel order?
1) Customers can place orders in their own systems that are interconnected with SF's API system and print waybills (labels) based on the requirements.
2) Customers can log in to SF International E-commerce website to place orders, and print waybills (labels) based on the requirements.
3) Customers can use third-party shipping systems (Shop Elf, Mabang ERP, Global Transaction Assistant, and Sellertool) to place orders and print waybills (labels) based on the requirements.
4) Customers can place orders by calling SF customer service hotline 9533883 and print the E-Parcel e-waybills and CN22 waybills.
What should I do if I want to send an E-Parcel?
After your shipment is properly packaged, customers can hand over the shipments to SF by the following ways:
1) Pickup service by SF BAs: Customers can call 9533883 to contact SF to request a pickup, and our customer representative will arrange a BA pickup for you.
2) Pickup service by car: if the size of your shipment is large, you could contact us for a pickup service by car.
How can I check my E-Parcel route information?

Customers can check the E-Parcel route information at SF International Official Website.

Registered E-Parcel route information can be checked for the whole delivery process while Ordinary E-Parcel information is not available. 

Can I ship batteries by E-Parcel service?

Only the embedded lithium batteries can be shipped. The portable batteries or pure battery shipments are not accepted. In addition, customers need to provide the MSDS proof, UN38.3 test report, and shipper's declaration (Battery Guarantee Letter).

Does E-Parcel have a dimension restriction?

The E-Parcel has the following restrictions: The maximum weight shall be within 2 kg; the sum total length, width, and height shall be no more than 90 cm, and the unilateral length shall be no more than 60 cm.

What is the payment method for E-Parcel?

E-Parcel could be paid at weekly and monthly settlement, or by pre-paid. 

How can I claim for settlement if E-Parcel is damaged or lost?

If your shipment has been damage or loss, and it is caused by SF, SF will compensate the shipment based on the declared value. The highest compensation amount is no more than CNY 200 per shipment.

Can E-Parcel shipments be returned?

Before shipment’s weight is recorded, it’s returnable. However, the expenses generated due to the return will be paid by customers. If the shipments are weighted and recorded, SF cannot intercept or return the shipments.